About Us

About Thrive Events

Thrive Events are designed purposefully and with integrity to provide holistic, enriching experiences for locals and visitors alike to enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of our beautiful corner of Scotland – Ballater – situated in the Eastern Cairngorms, Aberdeenshire.

Profits from our Thrive Bike events are invested into various initiatives focused on building and improving the trail networks in the area

About Thrive

Our Purpose

Harnessing our assets to promote Mountain Biking for the wellbeing of people, whilst ensuring that our economy, our community, and our environment thrives. Here at Thrive we firmly believe in the power of ethical business being a force for good.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create an annual international event which establishes Ballater as an inspiring location. A place where you are motivated to participate in Mountain Biking, improving your own wellbeing, and ensure the local economy, community and environment thrives. Thrive Events inspire people to live their best lives.

Our Values

Our Directors

Kate and Susan are experienced business women who believe commerciality coupled with good conscience generates opportunities for positive lasting impact. Both have worked in a wide range of different cultures, countries and organisational structures and are passionate about people and sustainability in the commercial world.

Kate has spent the majority of her career working in the food industry and currently sits on the Board of the Co-op, Anpario plc and Cranswick plc.  She is also the Chair of the Court of the University of the West of Scotland which was recently named Higher Education Institution of the year at the prestigious Herald Higher Education Awards.

Susan enjoyed an eclectic career working with various organisations – public, private and non-profit – developing a reputation for driving change, and as a champion for creating opportunities for people to develop their best selves. She currently is Chair of Visit Ballater Association, the local Business Association and Director of a local charity and a community enterprise.

Kate and Susan formed Thrive Ballater to use their skills, expertise and passion to support their local community and their aim is to create a regular calendar of events covering a range of interests within Ballater and the Eastern Cairngorms.

Our Business Partners

Richard Watts: Co-director and Founder of Cyclehighlands

Richard has over 25 years’ experience in outdoor education, retail and as a mountain bike guide. Ballater’s growth as a cycling destination has always been one of his key aims and with the expansion of the local trail network, the support from key brands like Kona, Santa Cruz and Merida plus the exciting plans for Thrive Bike – these aims move closer to being realised . 

Ben Allum: Sports Performance Alchemist

Ben works with Elite level athletes across a variety of sporting disciplines to tease out the final percentages of performance using a forensic approach to nutrition, training and his pioneering expertise in the use of blood glucose data. He is also happy working with enthusiastic, committed non-professionals to help them realise their potential and maximise their personal wellbeing.

Ben is also a successful Top Fuel Dragster Crew Chief. He has built, tuned and raced dragsters in both Europe and America, winning a European Championship and numerous rounds of competition.

Andy Lewis: Digital Guru and Breathwork Coach

Andy has two decades of experience in software development. Having worked across mobile, desktop, web and cloud solutions he can build anything that runs on a computer. He has managed software teams and programmes of work which have given him skills in Customer Experience, Marketing, Sales and Business development. Andy runs his own Digital and Marketing house, Astar Digital.

Andy is also a breathwork coach and strong advocate on the benefits of better breathing. At the age of 35 Andy cured his Asthma using Buteyko and the related Oxygen Advantage methods. He is now on a mission to help anyone be free from breathing problems. His work also helps athletes increase their performance by CO2 resistance, lactic buffering and improving oxygen uptake. Andy’s coaching also helps his clients gain control over their autonomic nervous system through breathing exercises, helping people regulate stress and improve focus. Andy does his coaching through his business Highland Breathwork.

Our Three Pillars

Through building a successful business we will invest time, energy, and financial resources for the benefit of our 3 Pillars of Community, Economy and Environment.


To help people enhance mind, body and soul, whilst also contributing to the overall growth of the community, and supporting community organisations.

Thrive Bike 2022 aims to offer an engaging and enriching experience through a busy and exciting schedule.


To engage and work with like-minded enterprises to align and contribute to the wellbeing economy.

Thrive Bike 2022 aims to engage local businesses and contribute to the wellbeing economy.


To engage with stakeholders, including conservationists, landowners, and land users, to support the sustainability and enhancement of our local environment.

Thrive Bike 2022 aims to work with landowners to create, manage and maintain bike trails for mutual benefit.